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Tilting Cab

Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab which provides quick and easy access to the engine compartment

Larger brake lining

Generous 320 mm x 75 mm brake linings (with optional automatic adjusters) and the same 6.50 x 16 tire size at the front and back, give the HD45 real stopping power.

Air Control System

Dial controls make setting the optimum heating and ventilation levels effortlessly simple. A powerful fan and multiple outlets mean that all round freshness is guaranteed. Air conditioning is also optionally available.

Function oriented radiator

More than a smart styling touch, the large aperture enhances cooling efficiency.

High capacity axle and leaf suspension

The higher capacity axle and leaf suspension of HD45 exhibits outstanding durability and rigidity and maximize load carrying performance.

MFR head lamp

The stylish front headlights are also a major night driving safety feature as they feature Multi Focus Reflection Technology for clearer, wider, and more precise light projection.

The extra spacious Super Cab

300 mm of extra carrying space adds a new dimension of flexibility to this class. Whether for stowage, or as rest area, it adds extra operating potential, especially for long distance operations.

D4BB Engine

Hyundai HD45 gives the powerful performance which is combined with exceptional reliability and durability. D4BB diesel engine delivers 80 ps and 17 kg·m of torque. That's enough for a top speed of 114 kph, and the precise 5-speed transmission delivers acceleration to stay with the traffic. Like every Hyundai engine it's built to give years of reliable service, to save you money and increase operating efficiency.

Car Specification

Wheel Base 2,550 2,810
Overall Length 4,955 4,885 5,240 5,145
Width 1,885 1,870 1,885 1,870
height 2,230 2,180 2,230 2,180
Wheel Tread Front/Rear 1,475 / 1,435
Overhang Front/Rear 1,075 / 1,330 1,075 / 1,260 1,075 / 1,335 1,075 / 1,260
Deck Size Length 3,175 - 3,460 -
Width 1,790 - 1,790 -
height 400 - 400 -
Min. Ground Clearance 190
Model D4BB
Type Natural Aspiration, 4 Stroke Cycle, Water-Cooled, Indirect-injection Diesel Engine
Number of Cylinder 4
Piston Displacement (cc) 2,607
Bore x Stroke (mm) 91.1 x 100
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 80 / 4,000
Max, Torque (kg.m / rpm) 17 / 2,200
Emission Level Emission Euro I
Clutch Facting Size (Outside diameter, mm) 240
Transmission Model RT-10 (Reinforced)
Type Floor Shift, 5 Speed Manual (5 Forward & 1 Reverse)
Fuel tank Capacity 65
Frame Main side rail
(H X W X t, mm)
183 x 65 x 6t
Model D2H
Type Front / Rear Reverse Eliot Type I Beam / Full Floating
Capacity (kg) Front / Rear 2,300 / 4,100
Final Reduction Gear Ratio 5.714
Service Bake
(Lining Size, mm)
Front / Rear Drum Type, Ø320 X 75 X 10 mm
Parking Brake Type Integral expanding type on propeller shaft at rear of transmission
Size CTR Parking, Ø180 X 35 X 5.5mm
Spring Size
(Length X Width X Thickness Number of leaves)
Front 1,200 X 70 X 10t-2, 11t-2
Rear Main 1,200 X 70 X 10t-2, 11t-2
Helper 990 X 70 X 11t-3
Type Rear Dual
Tire Front / Rear 6.50 X 16 - 10 PR (OPT: 6.50R16-10PR)

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