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    Rock Breaker

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Valve Case with TPC (Total Power Control) System:
  • We have shortened the Height & Length of the valve case, but made the width wider for additional balance.
  • Valve Plate: Increased the durability by using 6 bolts instead of 4 bolts.
Energy Regeneration Valve
  • After the piston hits the chisel, and the piston is retracting back up the cylinder, while the flow energy is harnessed up to 15% to be applied on the flow energy back down. (B600, B800)
2 Stroke Selector System
  • 2 stroke selector is located on the side of Cyl inder as a standard(B50~B180) to change from long stroke to short stroke according to operator's need for optimal performance.
Seal System
  • By using only NOK seals on the alicon series, we have achieved longer seal life.
  • On models B210 and up, an additional square buffer seal was added to increase the durability of the gas seals, step seals, and the piston.
  • This buffer seal also helps to minimise the piston's shaking action.
ABF(Anti Blank Firing) System with Auto Control Valve
  • ABF(Anti Blank Firing) System is provided as a standard starting from B50 to B800 Model.
  • This system will help to protect the Chisel pins, T/Bolts and Front heads from Blank Firing, and it is suitable for all kinds of working environment
  • When Auto control valve is turned on, breaker operation will automatically start again by giving a small amount of pressure to Chisel, It will automatically stop when chisel is lift up or after breaking.
  • But, from B600 to B800 models can not turn off the auto control valve to protect the breaker more perfectly
  • The distinctive feature will protect the equipment from Secondary breaking and amateur's operation by having the functioning of Anti Blank Firing automatically on breaker.


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