• Santa Fe

    The Santa Fe Stands For Style.

    Sporty & Urban Design, Relaxed Driving
    Powerful, Efficient & Reliability

Santa Fe


Category SUV
Product Label Theta II 2.4 (EU2) MPi 6 Speed Manual FWD
Model Name Santa Fe
Seats 5
Engine Label 2.4 Theta II MPi
Displacement (cc) 2,359
Max. Speed (kph) 190
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 174 / 6000
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 23.1 / 3,750
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (sec) 10.6
Braking Distance (m) 42.4
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16


Theta 2.4 MPi

Fuel type : Gasoline
Displacement : 2,359 cc
Max. Power : 174ps / 6,000rpm
Max. Torque : M/T 23.0kg·m / 3,750rpm - A/T 23.0kg·m / 3,750rpm

Here is a power plant for the future. The Theta(Θ) II 2.4 has been made lighter to improve fuel efficiency, and the variable valve timing system reduces emissions. With the Theta(Θ) II 2.4, you get greater responsiveness and better fuel economy at once. And that’s the best solution of all.

6-speed automatic

The Santa Fe’s new six-speed automatic transmission is silky smooth yet delightfully dynamic.

Manual transmission

Our manual six-speed, with exceptional shift quality, NVH characteristics and durability, comes with a shift indicator to encourage optimal driving habits

Full-time 4WD system

You get optimal handling at all times. An electronic clutch actively distributes torque to the front and rear wheels to accommodate changing road and vehicle conditions.


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