I would like to take the opportunity to appraise you about our Organisation - Hyundai East Africa Limited. Hyundai East Africa Ltd was established in 1991, its core activities include (a) Hyundai motor vehicles (b) Hyundai construction equipment (sales, parts & services).

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. is a global leader with various divisions including that of construction equipments and forklifts. Hyundai construction equipment product-line includes a wide range of wheel loaders, excavators and forklifts.

In order to discuss this and to look at the possibility of how Hyundai can partner you we request to kindly give us an opportunity to serve you.


The group started it’s operations in Lindi Region in Tanzania under the name Fazal Karmali & Sons.


The company relocated in the coastal city of Dar-es-Salaam. The company diversified it’s business into various forms including distance cargo haulage, auto rentals, tyre and fuel distribution.

  • Hyundai East Africa
  • Hyundai East Africa
  • Hyundai East Africa
  • Hyundai East Africa
  • Hyundai East Africa


Hyundai Automobile Distributor agreement was signed in the name of Hyundai East Africa Ltd. The initiation of Hyundai business coincided with Tanzania’s Liberalization policy. A major role was played at convincing our then socialistic government to allow importation of Motor vehicles from South Korea at the time when it had strong ties with socialistic North.


We diversified into construction equipment business from HHI.

Our Strength
  • Long standing business experience in Tanzania since 1931
  • Have established a good brand image of Hyundai motor vehicles in Tanzania
  • Have sufficient working capital
  • Have good infrastructure to support expansion and growth
  • Have well trained and experienced staff in all departments
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